What influences lead generation in Network Marketing? 
Hello Network Marketing Pros, in my previous blog I started to talk about the importance of lead generation, the basic expressions to generate Leads in MLM (or Network Marketing), and also how to use them correctly (here is the LINK if you would like to read it). The higher conversion you have the better, so today I would like to share my knowledge  about what influences lead generation in Network Marketing (MLM).

What influences conversion in lead generation? One thing is sure. Once you know it you will improve, so let’s find out. The conversion rate high or low has to do with;

1. your influence with the person you are contacting
2. your skills of inviting and presenting
3. the effectiveness of your presenting tools you use
4. the opportunity itself.

The first two of those (the influence and your skills) you have 100% control over them.
The way you increase your influence is by treating people right and having results. The way you treat people right is by always use the Inviting formula and the 10 Communication Qualities. The way you get results is by talking to a lot of people while perfecting your skills and using the Inviting & Presenting Formula and the 10 Communication Qualities.

If you currently have no or very little influence over people talking to and your communication skills are poor you still have an incredible equalizer! It is called volume! You simply talk to more people. If a great Leader like Tim Sales, Ray Higdon, Ricky Villanueva, Todd Falcone,…etc can convert 3 people out of 10 to become leaders but your conversion rate is 1 out of a 100 you can match their success by talking to 300 people. DO NOT EVER FORGET this great equalizer! So many people get start within MLM or Network Marketing and they quit because they talk to 10 people and they do not have results. Do not let them if you do not have immediate results, just keep talking to people!

If you believe that your primary business is a great opportunity just make sure you have enough eyeballs to your presentation and someone will say yes or (and) try the products. So the more you promote the more leaders you will have and the less you promote the less leaders you will have. If you are not making the money you desire the reason is you are not promoting to enough people.

Earth has 7 billion people on it. You have to make sure that you promote (make known) the opportunity to enough people. So you have to talk to people, show them videos, get people on conference calls, 3 way calls, I suggest use 3rd party tools because that is duplicatable and Network Marketing (MLM) is based on duplication.

There are different ways to spread the words about your opportunity. you can reach out your warm market and you do that with cold market. Warm market is the people you already know and cold market is the people you do not know yet. Both market has the pros and cons, and we will get deeper in this subject.

Every method work to a greater or lesser degree, there are many ways to reach out to those 7 billion people. One thing is sure they are work because of the way you use the Inviting Formula and the 10 Communication Qualities.
The name of the game is to promote and share your business and products as many as the 7 billion people possible DO NOT LIMIT your promotions. I suggest you get good on one method and then go to another one, that way you will be effective. The most effective ways;

1. Networking
2. Free Leads
3. Purchased Leads

Start with networking for four different reasons.

a. Minimize financial risks

b. Already connection between you and the person you call, meaning you are already have influence with them, so you are a step ahead.

c. If you believe that you opportunity is really helping people you should share it with people you know first (but only if you already qualified them and made sure they need and want what you have to offer)

d. Creating entry points to network with people. So with other word think the people that they know. When you meet someone new they have an entire new group of people they know. But if you do not know how to network professionally you will not gain all that you could from every person you talk to from other professional methods.

I share more about these methods in the next post about professional networking.

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Gregory Troy @ GregoryTroy.com

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What influences lead generation in Network Marketing
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