What was the most powerful take away from last Saturday at Ray Higdon Millionaire Mentorship Event in Manchester?  
Why  should you go to live events?
As you are building your own business you are need to be coach-able, and learn the latest technique that works on the marketplace right now is your priority.

When I heard from my friend Amanda that Ray Higdon was coming to Manchester I did not believe first that it was true. Most of these great events are in the US and actually I was wondering why Ray did not come over at least 2 times a year. I did not hesitate and bought two tickets (one for me and one for Martina who actually has just started to grow her business amazingly).

The event called Ray Higdon Millionaire Mentorship Event in Manchester, held at Bridgewater Hall. The weather was brilliant (sunshine, no wind) and we were so excited!

Here is some awesome tips why you should go to a Live Event

  1. LEARN the latest techniques. Everything changes (but you) 🙂 so does building a business. The main principles are always the same, but more effective techniques, more affordable ways are being born to build your business even quicker and for less investment.

    If you decided (or just realized) that an industry leader, or top earner coming to town or even in your country you should not hesitate but do one thing: buy a ticket and find your way to get there!

  2. MEET new people. Introduce yourself and have a quick chat with everyone. I met a bunch of new people I have never seen in my life but on social media and became friends before we met in person. I am so thankful to meet Amanda, Saloma, Aly, Lisa, Paul, Tereza, Ray I mean Ray Higdon! Networking (remember, this is a profession called Network Marketing) is one of the most important Daily Operational Method (I just gonna call it DOM) you as a business builder have to focus

  3. TAKE pictures, make videos! Go Live with Facebook and show the world where you are who are you with and give them quick tips! That will boost your image, the number of interactions on your posts, the engagements and likes,…so really powerful

  4. HAVE FUN! You have chosen this profession to master it for a reason (or two if not more), and I am not sure what is your TOP 3 reason, but I know that for me is a good fun to do, I simply love to have like-minded people around us and learn from each other, lift each other and change some new and fresh ideas.

  5. FEEL THE ATMOSPHERE! God that feeling was incredible! The smile and excitement on the vibration! This is the thing you simply cannot replicate on TV, video, pictures! The electricity in the air is something that you cannot replicate outside of that setting. That energy is something amazing! Invite your friends and family, your team members, prospects to this event with you and they will never forget it! This energy and atmosphere will give you  and your business a long lasting boost for sure!

  6. TAKE NOTES so you can create content for you blog! Just what I am doing now. You go there to learn something new, exciting so why don’t you share this knowledge with others? See and hear a top recruiter, a master of your profession on stage just in front of you is must be something priceless for you if you are truly chosen the Network Marketing profession from your heart and soul.

Feeling so grateful for everybody on that day and a massive thank you for first class training by Ray Higdon! Special thank you for James and Steve for organizing this great event in Manchester, UK!

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Gregory Troy @ GregoryTroy.com

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Ray Higdon Millionaire Mentorship Event in Manchester
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