Hello hello Business Builders! Have you ever thought what is your biggest asset? You might already know the correct answer: YOUR TIME. You always can make more money but can you make more time? I doubt that. Anyway, if you know that you need D.O.M. (probably just myself call like this) Daily Operational Method, so you will do what you need to do on the daily basis. But how you manage to squeeze in everything especially if you build your business part time?

It is end of 2016, a new chapter started in my and I can say our lives. After many years of liking the idea to become a full time busines builder now I have an exact date to reach that. I will share you why later on, but one thing is sure; just like you I have a very busy life.
I have just had a chat today with my friend and we talked about time management and we both agreed: succesful and wealthy people have 24 hours a day.

I started to share my experience with him;
1. I do have DOM and I set priorities.
2. I do PND (Plan Next DAY) the day before (so this way my sub-concious mind prepare for the next day).
3. I chunk up the daily task in 30 minutes sessions.

I always start the day with appreciation, think of all the wonderful things I and we already have in our lives and after review my top 3 goals (they are on the mirror in the bathroom) I go to prepare the food for the day. I usually spend 60 minutes in the kitchen so I do it with multi tasking.

What do I mean about multi tasking? When I am in the kitchen I am listening the Wake Up Calls to put my mindset and re-wire my mindset for success. Huge help right at the beginning of the day! The daily Wake Up Call usually 20-30 minutes so the next 30 minutes I listen to Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, … This morning Les Brown was on, he talked about “How to Increase Your Sense of Worthiness & Commit to Yourself” and he just confirmed that chunk it down task is a great idea.
The biggest take away is when you chunk the tasks down to edible portions is self explanatory, but the best is; you start doing it and build it up from a there.
Les Brown started with 10 push ups a day now he does 50 every single day. He admits if he had started with 50 he would have given up or even would not have started.

Successful people result oriented, unsuccessful people activity oriented! – Brian Tracy

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