Have you ever considered why do you need a blog? Have you noticed that all successful leaders in the online and even offline business world have a blog? I am sure you have, and I my first thought was that it must be a the one of the most time consuming task to do. 

Since I have decided to have a blog the coolest thing I related to that for long time that was what my good friend and successful leader said; it just like your own magazine.
I like to analyze things especially if I am about to make a decision over my future, so I did my research before I decided to start blogging.

  1. It is a crucial to understand that a blog is driving traffic to your website. As your body needs blood, your business needs constant, new and returning visitors, people who are interested in what you are doing, talking about, discussing and sharing with them.

    With other words to describe a blog on your website is a great foundation to your social media platforms, just like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Google +,…

    You can link them with inbound links to your social media and other way around, and at some point your visitors will be directed to your squeeze page or landing page(s).

  2. Your blog is your asset, it is yours, nobody can have it.

    This is the place where you invite people, it is like home in your online universe (too much Star Wars).

    It is helping you grow your passive income. You will have the experience when you realize that you are generating leads form a blog post you have written years and years ago.

  3. Position your brand (should be you) as an expert in your industry.

    As you are posting about different aspects of your business, brand, industry, product and service you show knowledge and you market your skills. Let’s say you are a retailer so you share articles, costumer experiences, feed-backs, new features, or new pictures or videos  about your product(s), so this way your customers will get to know you as a knowledge source. If they want to have more questions, details they going to the expert so to you.

    If you are in Network Marketing you might found challenging to find any of the leaders without a blog. All leaders having a blog. It is build credibility.

  4. Also build the most important factor: know-like-trust. Have you ever listen to anyone who you never knew before? I do not think so, and the truth is: Network Marketing is the people’s business, and this know-like-trust is crucial for a steady and long-term business.

    Extra bonus if you show a video in your blog post. People will get to know you better, quicker and deeper within short period of time, so you are building the know-like-trust factor.

    Easy to see that this way the blog helps you to build and develop better customer relationship.

  5. Helps you to get more qualified leads. As they get to know you from previous blogs, videos the chance are better that they going to buy from you or join your team.

  6. Having a blog post is not expensive at all. Do your research and you will realize that you do not need big money to have a blog, neither need to pay a company or a person to set up a blog for you. You do not need to know about HTML or CSS coding, so you do not nee to be skilled.

Have you ever considered why do you need a blog

These are my reasons why do you need a blog, and now it is up to you to make up your mind.

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Gregory Troy at GregoryTroy.com Blog Why do you need a blog?
Why do you need a blog? (Click here to Play the video)

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Have you ever considered why do you need a blog
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