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Gregory Troy believes in abundance, the law of attraction and consistent hard work, although he was not an example of great success from the beginning.

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Gregory Troy with Martina at his brother’s wedding

Gregory Troy (Greg) coming from a supportive and loving family and friends.

I was enjoying high school & sports I always lived a fun and loving life but struggled & started again from zero many times. I am not sure how many jobs you had and most of us coming from the public-school system as we were told we have to study, pass exams, get a college degree and you will get a great job and after 30-40-50 years you will get the gold watch, retire and live your last 10-20-30 years in happiness

Gregory Troy at My family
Gregory Troy with his family

After high-school I started my first job, my role was data entry in a hospital. Then I went to work in a grocery store (just to double my income) and I became a store keeper. I progressed quickly and became a warehouse manager. I was enjoying life, bought my first car (black, 3-door Honda Civic 1.5 Lsi) and the business was growing. After 7 years or so I was fired (the new manager thought I was making too much money), and I found myself on the street, living with my parents again. Home sweet home. I was introduced to Network Marketing through Nuskin. I realized I can make good money just like other people from all walks of life. But things started to change. I started to work for Vodafone but salary was low and my desire to progress, work hard and enjoy the results was too high, so I went after my passion; that was the Spanish language so I went to live in Tenerife, Spain.

Gregory Troy @ Gregory - Picture from Tenerife 2011`
Gregory Troy a picture from Tenerife (2011)

My Network Marketing career started to fade away, but I had a vision in my mind and I knew I was going to succeed in that industry one day. In 2008 (recession started big and hard) I found I had job & no opportunity that helped me survive. I was about to pack my language studies in and go home shamefacedly but fortune came into my life just when I started to feel relaxed & I realized; I needed to feel happy to attract all I wanted. I started to work in a hotel as an entertainer. I did it for 3 years but I saw no chance to progress there & the pain was real. I suffered a painful injury; I had my left ankle ligaments partially broken. And I was alone, far away from my parents, friends so I felt so lonely… A new opportunity came in my life within Network marketing and I enrolled 7 people and started to make sales, but I had to leave Tenerife and …
…I arrived to Manchester and I started my life from zero yet again. I started to attract people and opportunities not only to have a chance to start again but progress this time. I was a glass collector on Friday and Saturday nights. I became a bartender, did some courses to progress quicker and met the love of my life. I was offered a Bar and Restaurant Manager position, but did not work out well, and I started as a supervisor in the catering industry in a new place. I progressed, worked hard and became a manager. Again. There were only a couple of problems: – Like the majority of people in the corporate world I did not like my job. Due to long shifts & anti-social hours. Even you are not in catering they expect you to work harder & longer for the same amount of money (or even for less) as they are cutting back on staff & benefits. – Headache after headache and earning just slightly better than the average salary I was expected to take responsibility for everything without support and a chance to be rewarded for my hard work, and sacrifices.

Gregory Troy @ Gregory Amazing Ferrari experience in Silverstone
Gregory Troy – amazing Ferrari experience in Silverstone

Meanwhile as my English skills started to develop and I started to gain confidence, I started to broadcast webinars, doing presentations, developing skills in website design with WordPress, learning how to use auto-responders, email marketing, creating blogs, contents, self-branding and so much more, … but my sales did not grow, I did not generate leads. Why? Because I did not focus on what is the essential step in MLM; build relationships, go out and make friends, build rapport. Martina & I made a decision; the corporate world will never provide us the future we desire and deserve so we had to find a simple 9-5 and focus on network marketing.

My willingness to help others to succeed started to grow my business. Suddenly everything started to change; I started to generate leads on the daily basis! I am helping to people with the same mindset to do the same with an automated system that easily duplicatable.

Why would anybody leave 90% of the money on the table?

What do I mean? 90-95% of your prospects or leads will NOT join your business opportunity. Why? Because most of them already has a business. So offer them a product and / or system that can help them solve their problems in which case is the lack of leads, lack of money and a lack of system with proper training, blog, CRM (Customer Relationship Manager), an incredible community, a lot of helpful and supportive people who want you to succeed, so you on stage, see YOU smile. You might consider the importance of The Blueprint that Top industry leaders use as the number one tool in the online world.

My hope is that it will help you get rid of the long hours, missing children growing up, spending time with your loved ones, the long commutes and the stress of a job someone else can take away from you instantly – I love being able to work from home and help people to to the same.

For your success:
Gregory Troy

Gregory Troy
Gregory Troy


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