Hello Network Marketing Pros, hope you have a great day, and excited about Cold Market Recruiting Basic Tips for Business Builders, because we going into deep in this subject today! 

So what are the benefits of COLD MARKET?
– Never ending list. If you think it over does not matter who you are, there are always more people you don’t know than you do.
– They do not know your history. Not like your warm market (so everyone you know).
– Also cold market is a great place to practice.
– Easy to expand and reach out for cold market if you know what to say.

If we are talking about Prospecting the first category is
COLD CALLING – I have learnt this: Go for quick DIS-QUALIFICATION. With other words: go for numbers & speed.
The rule here: say less to more people. Very simple: do not waste energy of desperation. You do not need anybody. Remember that prospecting is sorting. You are in position to decide who is good enough to share this information with.
Try to use these sentences:

“I may barking up the wrong tree…”
“This may or may not be for you…”
“This may or may not be exactly what you are looking for…”

So the key: lack of eagerness and lack of result addiction combined with speed.

OFFLINE COLD MARKET. in other word the real world. Long story short: prevent yourself to say too much!

1. [Use  B.I.C.] (Break In Communication) technique is essential.

Hey, I have to hop on this conference call but just curious,…

You can use different words, just be honest, be busy…or at least look like a busy business builder (anyway, if you are serious about this business you should have a Daily What to Do list, or at least scheduled training, and daily tasks to do)


Would you be open to a side project if it did not interfere with what you are doing… ?

You can use a different phase the most important is to know is use that you feel confident to use

3. [Re-State BIC]

When they ask “What it is?” …this is the most feared question in network marketing or MLM.

4. [Set Follow Up]

I am real busy but I am promise you I can call you next Thursday

Again: be busy, at least you need to look like busy!

Did you know? 25% of the sales is in Follow Up! Never ever miss out the follow up!

1. Casual. I mean when you met someone but you did not “prospect” the person. I nearly never qualify anybody at the first time. What to do? Send them a thank you card. It is really stands out.

2. Possible Prospecting Follow up.
I have an unexpected opening in my schedule and was able to call you a little earlier than originally promised.
Never say there is a cancellation. They will start thinking about why did that person cancelled the meeting.
Be interested, not interesting!
I would love to know a little more about you, can you share what are you excited about recently?
You have mentioned you might be open to the side project I was going to go over, any particular reason why you might be open to making some extra money?
It sound to me like this “might” be a fit for you, but we don’t know until you watch the overview. Are you in front of the computer?

Find out what they want, need or don’t want in their life and if you feel that your opportunity or products, service is help them to make their life better than give them the link and make sure you called them back and ask what did they like the most about it.

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Cold Market Recruiting Basic Tips for business builders
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