Hello Network Marketing Pros, today I would like to share my knowledge about how is the best approaching warm market building your Network Marketing business. It is a critical step as it is one of the first steps you take, so it is important to take these steps well planned. When you are Approaching warm market building your Network Marketing business you want to make sure how to do it and when to do it, so you are not like a bull in a china shop. If you think approaching your warm market is important please read this article and give me a like and / share IF you see the value in it.

Approaching warm market building your Network Marketing or MLM business is critical. Warm market is all the people you already know, so you have a certain amount of influence with them. Cold market is all the people you do not know yet.

So why approaching warm market building your Network Marketing business is so important?
Your warm market is important for several reasons. Number one (as I mentioned before) you already know them, so you have a certain amount of influence. How many times you have tried a brand (clothes, shoes, beer, car, tennis racket,…) bought a book, film or simply went to a restaurant, bar holiday destination because a friend or family member recommended it? Sure you have done it a couple of time and you did because you simply like, know and trust them. If you have a great experience and positive feedback about something you tried you will share with your friends and family first won’t you?

So how do you wan to do it when it comes to approaching your warm market?
I have learnt from Ray Higdon  the 4 things NOT TO DO;

1. Do not trick them. So do not tell them to come over for a drink, a dinner,…

2. Do not beg them. So do not ask them to listen to a presentation and for exchange you will wash their car, or cut their hair,…whatever…

3. Do not guilt them. So do not say things like; you know last year I helped you to get that job, or cleaned to pavement in front of your house when it was snowing,…

4. Do not lie them. If they ask you for example;
How much you make?
Be honest. Think that you are the person on the other side of the line. What do you expect?

So I like to say what Ray Higdon teaches:
“Hey, you might have heard it that I have started a side project and I am serious about it and I am going to do it with or without you. I would like to do it with you, so I need to know if you are open to something that does not interfere what you do full time.”
Though the best is to lead with the product line, as they probably looking for solution to their weight or skin problems, or you have to find out if they are looking for solution on a subject you provide solution to the people.
If they see you as a leader? Go with the business opportunity approach.
They do not see you as a leader? Lead with the product line.

Another important question is when do you need to approach your warm market?
Ray  says: “When you do not care if they sign up or not.” Simple. 🙂

Should you ever reach you warm market? 
Well, it depends. The question is; Can you imagine to work with them? If yes, do it!

Secret about approaching your warm market? 
It is differentiation. You are either punished or rewarded for the lifestyle you had before Network Marketing. If you are successful with what you are doing then it will be easy fro you.
If you are just like I was before (minimum 4 different companies before and no huge success) then you have the differentiation and say;
“Hey I know this business is not fit for you, but I think you like the product” This will guide them on the presentation and probably they will try it too!

So hopefully you going to try these techniques and share this post!

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