Just had a great chat with my new friend Dean and just started to think how to REALLY simplify the daily tasks for success. This 5 Simple steps taken daily will set you for success in your business.
Before we get to the point a kind of advice if you let me to share this with you; everybody can do but not everybody will do. What do I mean?  

Does not matter which marketing strategy you choose (I recommend  just focus on one at a time) you need to know you have to start to build up first your audience. It takes time, but who can argue with the fact that we build relationships, we are not sales people in Network Marketing. So be patient, have fun, connect with people you can see building together the business you passionate about. Would you build with someone you are not in the same resonance? I doubt that 🙂

What is the compound effect? When you are consistent of doing simple tasks toward your goal (education, skills, relationships, marketing,…) it adds up over period of time and the result is huge success!

Darren Hardy's book The Compound Effect is certainly a huge recommendation (GregoryTroy.com)
Darren Hardy’s book The Compound Effect is certainly a huge recommendation (GregoryTroy.com)

I do admit there were times in m life when I was only making excuses. Since I have started to create momentum and huge foundation things seems to be changed already.

So let’s see the 5 Simple Steps Taken Daily for Success.

  1. Set your mind = MINDSET.

    Marketing is psychology, strategy and relationships. You need to do 2 things:

    a. you need to listen mindset training, audio books, motivational speakers, etc on the daily basis.

    I do share my choice of the day on my Facebook Fanpage, and also like to provide podcasts.

    b. change your mindset form being a sales person to a teacher and problem solver.

    When you start to do this you will see and feel the change.

    Do not take my word, go for it!

  2. Pick one social media strategy and stick with it.

    Do not do what I did in the past. Jumping from Facebook to Instagram, Instagram to Twitter, back to Facebook, try Google Plus,…Stick with one, after you choose carefully and stick with it for 90 days.

    What will happen?

    You will grab the momentum and build your audience.

    Example of mindset training: Jim Rohn - Psychology of Wealth (GregoryTroy.com)
    Example of mindset training: Jim Rohn – Psychology of Wealth (GregoryTroy.com)
  3. Let’s check what are you doing every day!

    Take the fact that you need to fill in with valuable tasks. Remember: you can build this business full time, part time but not spare time.

    If you wonder what are the basic valuable tasks I would say:

    – prospecting – making new friends and gather around, socialise with same minded people

    – learn something new about your industry, new skills for example public speaking, blogging, generate traffic, lead generation, branding, SEO, copy-writing, email marketing,…

    – read (at least 30 minutes every day

    – create content

  4. Just mentioned: create content. Talk, write, share what you have just learnt. Why do  you want to keep it for yourself?

    Benefits: you will position yourself as a leader, people will start following you, watching you and so you will become attractive!

    You learn how to make videos, Facebook Live.

    You can also share quotes, inspirational pictures, stories, experiences, fun, travelling moments, blog posts, …

    5 Simple Steps Taken Daily for Success - Pick one and stick with it - by Gregory Troy
    5 Simple Steps Taken Daily for Success by Gregory Troy
  5. Build relationships, make new friends.

    Ideally 5-10 new friends a day on Facebook. Find something in common, share and comment on their post,…be genuinely interested in people!

    Quick tip: if you cannot find anything in common check out the location.

    Also learn: small talk, ask questions, find out what they want to achieve, what excites them, what they are struggling with, …

    Ask yourself the question: Can I genuinely help this person?

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Gregory Troy @ GregoryTroy.com

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Learn. Grow Develop. 

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5 Simple Steps Taken Daily for Success

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